Channel Partner Management

Key Elements For Improved Partner Relationships

  • Building a reliable pipeline assures your success!  As with all of our services, your department comes complete with its own management layer, relieving you of the additional responsibilities and allowing you to focus on the big picture, all for a fraction of the cost of a single internal sales rep. 

  • Developing and maintaining professional relationships on your behalf.  Your TK  team will work daily to identify and pursue new  Partner opportunities for your product or service. 

  • TK will create an experience of a “single pane of glass” for the entire user community and present all of your company’s systems,  its content from any channel, or source.  We will provide a scalable, best-in-class, next-generation partner, and user experience right from the start.  Additionally,  we consult on providing the right SAAS platform to offer a better partner experience across the board.

  • Generate Revenue with our Channel Partner Management program, and you will receive a team of highly knowledgeable, experienced professionals armed with extensive subject matter expertise, dedicated to nurturing and closing deals. 

           Why  Partner With Us?


  • Premiere technical support

  • Sales and Marketing enablement

  • Gain access to a rich set of sales tools and marketing resources

  • Training and empowerment - we will help you promote, sell, and offer support for  your product

  • We have a solid base of core content assets that your channel partners can share with current and potential customers such as high-quality infographics, articles, and white-papers that educate

  •  We help your channel partners/resellers stay top of mind!

  • Your success is our success-We’ll do whatever it takes to ensure our Partners are successful. We are patient!

Successful Partnering Is More About People Than Programs!

The Six A’s Of Successful Channels

Today’s partner programs that use industry-accepted best practices often fail because they are designed to attract and engage all partner types but are not aligned with the changing business models or needs of individuals within these partner organizations.  Today, more than ever, the business of partnering has become personal in the way relationships are built and nurtured.   Any program that is successful in building mutual commitment and investment is one that is aligned with the needs of all key people within a partner organization.   TK's Channel Partner Management will help generate a higher level of engagement offers, and something of value for each key role, including senior executives, partner sales, technical support, and marketing. 


Attract the best Channel Partners .  Learn how to make your brand and partner value proposition the most attractive to the top channel in your industry

  • Segment your reseller community

  • Identify the best resellers for your brand

  • Attract them with a strong value proposition

Build a world-class partner community for your brand!



Award resellers with improved revenue potential. Show your resellers how they can build a profitable business with your brand

  • How to improve reseller margins and revenue generation

  • Help with pricing and packaging options for improved revenue

  • Help resellers plan their growth strategy

Help resellers build a profitable business with your brand



Advance the capabilities of your indirect channel. Learn how to generate behavior changes and create highly motivated and proactive channel resellers

  • Build your channel‘s capabilities every day of the week

  • Build a learning process for your channel network

  • Measure your channels skills and advancement

A new approach for enabling your channel network 



Activate resellers to drive more revenue. Learn how to turn channel resellers from passive to active by making your brand easier to sell

  • How to make your brand more attractive to resellers

  • How to make your brand easier to sell

  • How to help resellers differentiate their business with your brand

Get more production out of the bottom 70% of your channel network



Advertise your channel resellers business to generate more revenue growth.  Learn how to derive more sales with partner-branded marketing techniques

  • How to help build performance-based marketing budgets

  • How to select the best tools to drive new reseller revenues

  • How to enable your resellers to be more successful in generating new business

Help channel resellers succeed with enhanced demand generation

Architect your channel technology strategy to support the five other A’s of



Architect your channel technology strategy to support the five other A’s of successful Channels

  • Define the technical requirements for supporting your channel strategy

  • Define the reseller portal features (e.g., reseller application, content management, deal registration, special pricing, MDF, admin, training, etc.) to support your

  • Define reseller selling tools including business case selling and business simulation tools

Deploy channel technology that will enable your strategy first and foremost

Successful Channel’s Expertise


  • Deep channel expertise: Team has deep experience in channel strategy and channel enablement services

  • Enablement focused: Encourages resellers to succeed

  • Tools inspired by experience: Tools are built on experience with solving channel growth challenges

  • Complimentary Consulting Services:  Professional services to help clients formulate willing channel strategies

  • Portals: Registration, Onboarding, and Deal Registration

  • Content Syndication:  Branding, product collateral, & white papers

  • Marketing Services:  Marketing templates, campaign tools, and events