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                 A valued service to our partners is always our top priority and of mind.   Our unique relationship with you is why we exist.  Our product lines are continuously expanding and we welcome your inquiries for hard-to-find ingredients.  Our team is designed to help businesses create and maintain a viable and strategically secure network, as well as assist small to C-Corp businesses in their day-to-day business development, technical operations, training, and IT marketing campaigns.  Our skillset and dedication to customer satisfaction have proven to be exemplary.  As an experienced and successful product manager and IT consultant,  TK is committed to strategic marketing, advertising, and business ownership focusing on the delivery of quality service, understanding each business model, cornering the competition, and solving for today while building for tomorrow.   Today, more than ever, the business of partnering has become personal in the way relationships are built and nurtured.  Any program that is successful in building mutual commitment and investment is one that is aligned with the needs of all key people within a partner organization.  As a TK Channel Manager Consultant, my goal is to maintain, and expand relationships with assigned channel partners, and continue building global channel partner relationships for small to Fortune 500/1000 corporations for years to come.

Tren-se M. Ketchum-Jasper
CEO, Senior IT Consultant
TK Cybersecurity Consultants ® 
T.  708-964-5983 
Kim C. Harrison
COO, Senior Assistant IT Consultant
TK Cybersecurity Consultants ® 
T.  410-382-7612