Cost-Effective Solutions For Taking Control, Overload, and Scaling Security

Increasingly, both private and public institutions are realizing that to ensure the security of their IT operations, it is prudent to consider the merits of outsourcing their IT services.  This new focus is now a key factor driving the explosive growth in cloud computing. The cloud computing model offers organizations the ability to:


• scale IT smoothly and cost-effectively, without the periodic need to retool and build up expensive base-l level infrastructure,

• re-architect systems and networks for growth add staff re-negotiate software licenses, and

• proliferate security systems to monitor the increased data flow and ever-expanding points of vulnerability.


Organizations that look to the cloud are looking for standard services delivered according to a pricing model that scales in a linear way with their consumption of those services. They also want to know that the services being provided are delivered securely, that their data is protected, and that the entire process can meet the rigors of any regulatory compliance requirements. A host of new technologies are making cloud computing possible. New virtualization techniques allow providers of cloud computing to distribute computing power to the need more efficiently. High-bandwidth networks with protocol prioritization and optimization enable more business to be done off-premise. New application-aware, business continuity technologies assure clients that cloud computing is resilient and business uptime will be preserved. Web-based applications enable software-as-a-service (SaaS).  Full-featured, remote systems management toolsets enable outsourcers to monitor and troubleshoot systems and network problems in real-time.


The Future of Risk Management

Institutions are faced with a new level of economic instability, and escalating cyber risks that threaten the integrity of corporate data and networks. To help address this growing risk, legal mandates now require corporate management teams to manage risk on an enterprise basis. To achieve this proactive risk management culture, institutions need the help of automated security solutions that are integrated throughout the network to enable real-time monitoring of all network activity.

Phases of Hacking
Understanding the enemy is an essential component of a successful defense strategy. In order to successfully uncover and mitigate attacks, we must first understand how and why black hats behave the way they do. The five phases of hacking outline the basic methodology black hat hackers use to carry out an attack.  Each stage is equally important and needs to be covered in order to carry out a successful attack.

HIPAA and HITECH are technically separate and unrelated laws, but they do enhance one another in important ways.  For example, HITECH requires that any technology standards created to support it, do not compromise the privacy and security provisions found within HIPAA.  But more importantly, HITECH requires that any covered organization be required to perform a HIPAA security risk assessment.

PCI Audit


The PCI Security Audit framework walks you through each of the regulations and shows you how to become PCI compliant.  TK's Cybersecurity and Compliance platform will give you the needed reports to provide auditors with proof of compliance with regulations.  We provide audit-oriented guidance, reports and correlation rules that track and monitor PCI assets and events, allowing you to proactively manage compliance to protect cardholder data. Real-time monitoring and reporting allow you to reduce the cost of executing and documenting your PCI compliance initiatives.

Sox Reloaded

The U.S. SEC and the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) encourage auditors to consider a risk-based approach in evaluating the internal controls over the financial reporting of public companies. They want auditors to focus on matters most important to internal controls that pose a higher risk of fraud or material error. Similarly, auditors are being encouraged to consider and use the work of other auditors. As more auditors adopt this risk-based approach and consider the work of others, audits will be more scalable for smaller and less complex companies. If properly put into practice, this new focus of auditing for SOX compliance is expected to make SOX more manageable, reduce the associated cost, and enhance its effectiveness in ensuring the adequacy of controls and integrity of financial reporting.

The success of any risk management program hinges on an organization’s ability to collect security event data, as well as monitor, analyze, and alert risk events to key personnel in real-time. Therefore, it is imperative to invest in a security and compliance platform that includes SIEM and log management technology.  TK Cybersecurity Consultants suite of products will enable small, midsize and enterprise financial institutions to successfully compete.
Integrated Log Management and SIEM
Experienced IT professionals know that there’s no such thing as “one size fits all.   TK Cybersecurity Consultants® offers multiple hardware platforms that integrate with virtually any size or type of environment.  Whether your network is highly centralized or fully distributed, has limited bandwidth, or is regional, national, or global, TK Cybersecurity Consultants has the horsepower and flexibility to integrate with your network on your terms.



In today’s technology environments, it seems that more can be thought about in advance regarding the security of computers, network systems, data, and information.  It is improbable to have an ethical security breach and not potentially lose enormous amounts of data and is misused: Data that is unrecoverable causing irreversible damage.  This data is usually personal, business, customer, medical, and even employee related information.


It is important to note that when creating a security plan, an assessment reporting plan that includes a backup plan, and an emergency backup plan be established by a senior IT team and professional support staff.  This plan should outline all steps and procedures taken to protect information, and the process to reduce impacts once a security breach has occurred. The plan is designed to prevent as much data loss or internal damage as possible.

  • Are you up to date with the latest Penetration Testing?

  • Are you up to date with the latest HIPAA Laws?

  • Are you update with the latest PCI Laws?

  • Are you up to date with the latest Vulnerability Assessment Scans?

  • Are you up to date with the latest Threat Detection tools?

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